TRACKER data has been assembled since mid-2003. The CD version of Tracker contains about 3 YEARS of the most recent data tracking the performance of A+ Thoroughbred against over 175 different betting strategies. To get ALL Tracker data since 2003, please order the DVD version (if your computer is able to read DVD's. The price for the DVD version is the same as the CD version. Monthly updates to Tracker's database files are free and can be downloaded from our website.

TRACKER works in coordination with A+ Thoroughbred and the Recommended Bet Report generated by A+ Thoroughbred is based on identifying successful betting strategies by ROI, by track, by distance, by surface, by race class, by date range, by number of races and/or by any combinations of these factors. You're betting an Allowance race at Philadelphia. It's a sprint on dirt and you want to make an exacta bet. Tracker quickly identifies all exacta bets that have produced a profit at Philadelphia Park and shows that in the first 4 months of 2007, boxing the top 2 A+ selections hit 16 out of 68 races for a $2 flat bet profit of $321.20 and an ROI of over 118%. Boxing the two biggest overlays among the top 4 A+ selections hit 7 of 38 races for a flat bet profit of $226.60 and an ROI of over 149%. These are only 2 of 15 profitable exacta strategies.

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