We are now taking orders for A+ Thorobred Version 9.0 released on Wednesday, April 23rd.

A+ Thorobred now uses its very own compact Past Performance files, the "A+ Past Performance" file (or A3P for short). It contains ONLY the data required to run A+ 9.0 plus some added fields for planned upgrades. What makes our Past Performance files a smart choice is that they are downloaded and processed right in the program. You just point and click and in the blink of an eye, the file is downloaded, run through our proprietary algorithm and your reports are ready to be viewed and printed. And for the very first time in the 17 years we've been producing handicapping software, patches and upgrades are now automatic. Every time you start up the program, a quick web check is done and your software is instantly upgraded. No downloading, unzipping and patching as in the past.

A+ Thorobred 9.0 sells for $329 and is still the biggest bargain in thoroughbred handicapping software with features that even the $1,000 programs don't have. And that's not all. We are including one full month of usage of our A3P files. Once you use them, we're sure you will stick with them for two very big reasons. First, there is ease of use. No worrying about setting up folders or unzipping. Second, in this age of rising prices, we're making it so much more affordable than other options. $39.95 per month is all you'll pay for our data files. Furthermore, we will not charge your credit automatically when your month expires. Purchasing files is your decision and if you don't need the first part of a month, you simply renew later in that month and you will get a full month. Or you can opt for a long term plan at an even better discounted price.

Want more? Well, here's another perk. If you are among the first 50 people to order 9.0, we will throw in a second free month of A3P access.

So don't wait. Reserve your copy of A+ Thorobred 9.0! The best in the business just got better!

Order Version 9.0 for Windows now for $329!

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